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For many years I resisted sharing the prodigious occurrence in my lifetime. But on Oct 19, 2019, 2 days after my 38th birthday. Something inside me whispered, 'It's time to materialize your declaration of touching and inspiring at least 2.5 Crore lives by Aug 29, 2026.' The voice is so feeble but strong.



     Dedication:   Introduction:   My Vision:   Influence of Lord   Venkatachalapathi:   First School Days:   Say ‘No’ to Violence:   Start Questioning:   The one who predicted his   final day:   First Guided Meditation:   Crossing New Zones:   Learning Hypnotism and   Mesmerism:   Learning is Fun:   Reading from Darkness:   Changing Channel without   Remote:   Matchstick in Mid Air:   Extra Sensory Perception:   What’s there in Eye Contact?   Becoming a Psychic: Connecting   with People   Encounter with those who are   not in the body:   Tele Healing:   Does Numerology work?   How to become a Psychic:   Take Rest when you need One:   Future Predictions:   FAQs in Becoming Psychic:   How to Hypnotize ourselves:   How to find what’s embedded   inside ourselves?   Where were you before you   born?   How to find your true Self?   How to live a long life?   Law of Attraction in my Life:   Power of Visualization:   How to become Rich:   Power of Prayer:   Power of Words:   Mind Blowing Declarations came   true:   Moments I’m one with Nature /   My Being at its Best:    When Problems will Disappear?   Feared my Birthday:   Near Death Experience:   Kissing my Fears:   Time Dilation in my life:   Rudraksha’s Role in my Life:   Pilgrimage to Lake Manasarovar   and Mt. Kailash:   Placebo Effect:   Creativity arise out of   Originality:   Inspiration from Nature:   Nature’s Infinite   Intelligence:   Laws of Nature:    Birds in my Life:    Snakes in my Life:   Life:   Three forces of Life:   Life is a Celebration:   Through the eyes of a lens:   Creating Powerful Energy   Space:   Breathing Center:   Consecration:   There are no non-essential   things:   There are no ordinary moments   or no accidents:   Definition of Grace:   4 ways to attain God:   Drop both your Strength and   Weakness:   Midway:   Die before Death comes:   Importance of Sounds:   Parallel Universe:   May the Force be with You:   That which is not:   Benefits of waking up early:   What goes in is important:   Skinless Cow Story:   Loneliness:   Multiple Personalities inside   me:   From Suicidal Depression to   Brimming Creativity:   Magic of Meaningless Mantra:   Invasion of Psychological   Medicines:   Influence of Goddess   Saraswathi:   Influence of Goddess Kali:   Where to find your Guru?   Importance of Guru Bhakthi:   Top 7 living Gurus who   influenced me:   Top 5 Books which influenced   me:   Top 8 Movies which influenced   me:   The 3 Doctors who influenced   me:   Influence of Maha Avatar   Babaji:   Influence of Mother & Sri   Aurobindo:   Influence of Ramana Maharishi:   Influence of Vallalar:   Influence of Prophet Mohammed,   Jesus and Buddha:   Love:   What does it takes to run a   Trust?   How to write a Book?   Goal Setting Vs Surrender:   Life and Death Coaching for   Stage IV Cancer:   Some results produced from   Coaching:    Spontaneous Immersion   Coaching:   1 Mandalam (48 days) Online   Program:   Live Extraordinary Life   Program:   Random   Words from My Heart:   Photos:   Testimonials:    Links:

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Ramesh V J

 I have completed my first 8 years of schooling in Seventh Day. Next 4 years in JGM. I have completed high school from Ramakrishna Vidyalaya Matric School. I have done my BTech(IT) in VIT, Vellore.  I started an NGO SWF Trust from my college days and raised 12 Million INR and served. Worked in HCL for 8 years and spent16 months in the US. Learned the concepts of Mesmerism and Hypnotism from Devi Institute, Kanyakumari.  Completed 3 Levels of Intense Landmark Education Courses on Self Discovery through' Ontology, Coached so many people through the 1mandalam program. Practiced Transcendental Meditation from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Sudarshan Kriya from AOL, Shambhavi Mahamudra Kriya from isha, Buddhist meditations for so many years. Motivational speaker for various colleges and schools. Wrote 2 Books 'Shiva Leela' and '38 Years of My Guru's Presence.' Currently writing a book 'who am I ?' on AI. Spontaneously connects to people with my psychic ability. Received 'Life Changer Award' from Mr. Nallakannu senior leader of CPI. Declared to touch and inspire at least 25 Million lives by Aug 29, 2026 ...   

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